Tanking Kit

BAL Tank-it  - is the ultimate waterproofing kit. It provides complete waterproofing protection, in any environment. If you want the ultimate performance, workability and versatility, look no further. It is suitable for use internally or externally to waterproof areas prior to tiling.

Installing proper waterproof protection in wet areas is vital in the preparation for a tiling project. Water leaking into floor and wall spaces can very easily rot structural timbers and cause serious damage to a house. The worst part about this kind of damage is that you won’t normally realise that it’s happening until the worst of the damage has already been done. The costs associated with this damage can be enormous.

What can I do to get complete waterproof protection?

One of the most important factors in making sure your tiling project has got complete waterproof protection is the materials you use. BAL, the leading brand of professional tiling adhesives and grouts, offers an unrivalled range of products for all tiling applications.

BAL Tank-it is the ultimate waterproof protection kit providing complete protection in any environment. Suitable for internal or external waterproofing, BAL Tank-it is the new, ultimate tanking system formulated with innovative technology from the market-leaders in tiling solutions.

Highly polymer-modified, BAL Tank-it is a two-part, rapid-setting product which provides complete protection and what’s more, can be tiled after only 90 minutes. Easy to use, BAL Tank-it can be applied by either simply using a standard 4mm notched trowel and float, brush or roller. As it conforms to BS EN 14891 classification, it can also be applied outside for projects including terraces, balconies and fountains.

  • Simple, easy to apply two-part mix.
  • Total waterproof protection.
  • Ideal for power showers, wet rooms, total immersion areas, internal or external areas.
  • Rapid-setting; allows tiling in 90 minutes.
  • COLOUR: Grey

Waterproofing Kit

Use For:

  • Wet – interior
  • Showers, wet rooms, laundry/utility rooms
  • Around drainage channels, upstands, pipes and floor wastes
  • Industrial, commercial and domestic
  • MAY BE TILED AFTER:  24 hours

NOTE: Not suitable for exterior use or total immersion


Unit Size Available:

  • Flexible
  • Waterproof/seamless: sets in 24 hours
  • Supports maximum weight of 32kg/m² on walls