Bathroom Advice

Whether you are a first time buyer, renovating or totally remodelling your home, everyone needs a little help and advice. Here are just a few simply tips and advice from Tubs & Tiles! Don’t forget you can visit one of our nationwide showrooms to get even more help from our sales team.

Bathrooms Suites: It’s important to measure your space carefully to see what will fit. Sometimes pieces that look great in the showroom may be too large when you get them home. Tubs & Tiles now offers our customers the use of DreamSpace, a revolutionary new 3D computer design programme that allows you to actually put together and preview your dream bathroom onscreen before you buy!

Wash Hand Basins: One of the most important features in a bathroom is the wash hand basin. Different shapes and sizes can affect the look and feel of your bathroom.

A wall hung basin with a semi-pedestal gives you the great advantage of extra space and easier cleaning. It’s important to ensure you have a solid wall or surface to support the basin. If you want to hide unsightly pipework then consider a pedestal. It also provides a stable support for the wash basin. In this case, the basin must be secured to the wall and the pedestal secured to the floor.

A vanity basin brings a touch of hotel luxury to any bathroom. They are accompanied by a vanity unit which is ideal for hiding unsightly pipework and provides extra storage.

Less Abled: The Less Abled range is specially designed for older people and those who are less mobile. It includes the Doc M toilet, walk-in showers, level access shower trays and shower seats. The Doc M toilet incorporates a raised height pan for more stability and a padded backrest for extra comfort. Ask any of the Tubs & Tiles staff for advice.

WC: The most fashionable is the close coupled bowl and cistern. It is easy to clean and the cistern is mounted directly onto the bowl. The close coupled WC is still evolving and some suites now have integrated a back to wall feature which hides unsightly pipework such as the Euro and Venezia ranges. It is the top of the range in design and creates a very contemporary look.

Wall hung toilets will instantly give you more space. They are ideal to free up floor space and make the area easy to clean. If you want that traditional antique look, consider a high or low level bowl and cistern where the cistern is mounted above the bowl, with a connecting flush-pipe.

Baths: There’s nothing quite like the luxury of relaxing in a bath and there’s certainly one to suit you at Tubs & Tiles. You’ll find a range of regular baths, corner baths, roll top, free standing baths and massage baths all on display in Tubs & Tiles showrooms nationwide.Why not try a side filled bath? The side fill bath is a double ended bath with tap holes at the side to give you more space. If you are tight for space and you can’t fit both a bath and a shower, why not try the shower bath. It is an increasingly popular option, which gives you the choice of an invigorating shower or a relaxing bath.

Taps: It’s the little things that make a big difference in a bathroom so take care when choosing your taps. Single lever or dual lever taps will add a contemporary look. Matching your bath and basin will give a sleeker finish to your room. A bath shower mixer is a handy way to rinse the body, but it’s also invaluable when cleaning your bath.

Bathroom Furniture: No matter how big your bathroom is, you never seem to have enough space for all the toiletries that can clutter up window ledges and bath surrounds. Store away all these products and you’ll be surprised how it will instantly transform your room and hides unsightly pipes. All doors are laminated to produce a special waterproof membrane that protects against high levels of moisture and humidity. There’s also a range of beautiful marble work tops which are hard wearing, easy to clean and can create very sleek contemporary lines in a bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories: It’s the little things that get noticed in a bathroom, so it’s worth taking time to finish it off in style! Each collection offers everything from toilet roll holders to bath racks, soap dishes to dispensers and shelves to towel rings

Towel Warmers: Remember how comforting it is to snuggle into a warm fluffy towel on a chilly morning. Well, you can add that little bit of luxury to your new bathroom by opting for a towel warmer. At Tubs & Tiles we have plenty to offer in cool contemporary design!

Showering Tips - It’s always worth going for the biggest shower enclosure and tray you can fit into your bathroom and of course, afford. It will add value to your property and provide much more comfort and space to manoeuvre.

Shower Enclosures and Trays: Apart from being the latest in style and luxury, shower enclosures are very practical. Go for simple slick looking pieces rather than doors with lots of detail as this can look fussy, especially in a small space. A chrome finish looks more contemporary than white and clear glass in a shower door will make a room appear larger and more up-to-date.

Before you select your enclosure, you should be aware that it’s common practice for shower enclosure walls to be tiled down to the rim of the tray top. Please check that this is the case with your shower tray installation. Tubs & Tiles shower doors are sized to fit openings to suit tray top rim dimensions, which are slightly less than the normal tray size quoted in the specifications.

When choosing a shower tray, you should consider a tray with an ‘up stand’. Trays with an ‘up stand’ have a small lip around the tray which you can tile over. This ensures a watertight finish. Traditional flat top shower trays can be prone to leaking where the tiles or shower panel meets the tray. This is often because the silicon used to seal it can become less effective over time. If you’re fitting a shower upstairs, an “up stand’ is ideal as you really can’t afford to risk a leak.