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Marte by Casalgrande offers a range of excellent quality tiles with an appearance of porcelain stoneware. These tiles provide interior designers with a whole new wealth of creative flair when cladding surfaces, as they now become a true part of the planning phase and not just a finish.

An original design, the production technique and high quality of the materials used, make each tile unique and impossible to repeat. Along with ultra-high firing temperatures, the fine powders create an unrivalled degree of compactness on the tile surfaces. This makes the material practically indestructible, easily able to withstand both physical and chemical stress and also very easy to clean.

Marte is available in 5 different colours – Palissandro, Ramora, Brown, Botticino, Thassos and Maggia in a 60 x 60cm tile.

Marte Thassos

Marte Maggia

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