Hansgrohe Showers

Award winning designs with an array of styles, heights and jet types ensure the Hansgrohe shower combines function and form to create your perfect showering experience.

Croma - 100 Bar Valve & Kit

Croma - Showerpipe 220

Raindance - Select E2 Jet

Croma 100 Bar Valve & Kit: Rain spray shower head which is quick and easy to install so in moments you can enjoy the perfect showering experience

  • 160mm Fixed Head
  • Easy clean system for removal of limescale
  • Height adjustable shower bar
  • Thermostatically controlled

Croma Showerpipe 220: A rain spray shower with AirPower technology and a quick clean head

  • Swivelling overhead shower with 4 spray types accompanied by a hand shower
  • Easy clean head
  • 400mm shower arm
  • Thermostatically controlled

Raindance Select E 2 Jet: For a pleasurable shower experience reminiscent of a summer rain shower

  • Swivelling overhead 2 jet shower
  • Adjustable 380 mm shower arm
  • Thermostatically controlled