Ionic Wetrooms by Merlyn

The Ionic Showerwall can be used with or without a Swivel Panel or Cube Panel. For wetroom areas where you require just one Showerwall, simple pick your size from the table above. If you require a Showerwall with Swivel Panel, then simply pick your desired size and add on your Swivel Panel.


  • 700mm  Adjustment Min-Max 675-690
  • 800mm  Adjustment Min-Max 775-790
  • 900mm  Adjustment Min-Max 875-890
  • 1000mm  Adjustment Min-Max 975-990
  • 1100mm  Adjustment Min-Max 1075-1090
  • 1200mm  Adjustment Min-Max 1175-1190
  • 1400mm  Adjustment Min-Max 1375-1390