When planning a new bathroom or modernising old bathrooms, ideas can be implemented easily and safely with the JACKOBOARD® construction board system. When it comes to walls and floor structures, partition walls, shelves, washstands, floor-level showers, tub solutions or special furniture ideas, JACKOBOARD® offers a durable high product quality solution for every idea!

A: Jackoboard Plano ~ B: Jackoboard Flexo/Flexo Plus ~ C: Jackoboard Aqua ~ D: Jackboard Wabo ~ E: Jackoboard Canto ~ F: Jackoboard Sabo


The high-quality all-round construction board for many applications.

Walls, floors, bath panelling, furniture or individual designs: the versatility of the construction board JACKOBOARD® Plano is unique. Whether you are planning a complete bathroom, individual washstands, shower structures or special single pieces, ideas take on a tangible form with JACKOBOARD® Plano. The construction boards can be cut to any desired shape and to any dimension.

Thanks to the different thicknesses, there is no limit to the design flexibility of the construction boards for wall, floor and construction applications. They can be used on virtually any substrate and master every challenge thanks to their easy use.


The flexible construction boards for free design.

With JACKOBOARD® Flexo and Flexo Plus you can design individual shapes according to your own personal specifications. Slightly rounded elements can easily be created with Flexo, and Flexo Plus offers maximum scope for your ideas when designing very narrow. JACKOBOARD® Flexo and Flexo Plus can be formed into any desired shape thanks to the pre-slotted surface.