Heat Merchants Group has made the Low Carbon Pledge!

We have committed to reducing Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emission intensity by 50% by 2030

What the Pledge means

The Low Carbon Pledge is the first dedicated pledge generated by Irish business to set industry standards on sustainability and reduce carbon usage. It is designed to supporting Ireland’s business sector in the transition to a low carbon economy. The pledge is a commitment for Irish business to invest time and resources into creating a more sustainable operation – by being more energy efficient and reducing carbon usage. All signatory companies commit to reducing their Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emission intensity by 50% by 2030.

If we are going to reach the global carbon reduction targets set in the Paris Agreement and maintain global temperatures at less than 2C below pre-industrial levels, we believe business must play a major role.

Pledge Actions

  • The key strength of the Pledge lies in the collaborative platforms that are being developed which will enable signatory companies to learn from each other’s successes and challenges. Companies will be able to contribute and participate in the following supporting actions based on their relevant needs:
  • A Knowledge Platform which will provide guidance on best practice, as well as a series of network events hosted by leading signatory companies, to share carbon management knowledge within the group;
  • Signatory companies will be invited to play a role in assisting local communities to transition to the low carbon economy through engaging with community energy schemes developed by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI); and
  • A Young Low-Carbon Leaders Group – aimed at developing future business leaders in sustainability thinking, through a series of workshops and networking events.

Pledge Details

To help ensure consistency and comparability of efforts across various companies the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard will be used as the underlying framework for the Low Carbon Pledge. Having signed up to the Pledge, signatory companies will commit to the following:

  • Record all Scope 1 and Scope 2 Carbon Emissions
  • Reduce the amount of Scope 1 and Scope 2 Carbon Emissions Intensity
  • Report (1) Individually through an Annual Report or Website or other publically available equivalent source and (2) Collectively through an Annual BITCI Low Carbon Report
  • Review year-on-year Scope 1 and Scope 2 Carbon Emissions with the aim of showing continuous improvement


  • Each company will report at an individual level on the greenhouse gas emissions. Firstly, the following description of the company will need to be provided:
  • An outline of the organisational boundaries (equity share or control);
  • An outline of the operational boundaries (direct and indirect emissions)
  • Reporting period covered.

Secondly, the following data and information will need to be provided:

  • Total Scope 1 and 2 emissions;
  • Emissions data separately for each scope;
  • Year chosen as base year and emissions profile over time;
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