Ritual is an experimental and creative interpretation of stone, the most familiar of natural materials, transforming it into a contemporary surface, with three-dimensional effects and micro-structures inspired by the traditional hand-chiselling of this type of material.

The décors include Cross, a geometric motif ideal for installing across whole walls and Jacquard, which has an ornamental surface with ravishing satiny metals, bringing beauty to even the smallest spaces.


  • Material: White body wall tiles
  • Colour: Avorio, Bianco, Greige, Grigio
  • Size: 32.5x97.7 Slim 6mm Structure tiles 8mm
  • Special Pieces: Décor, mosaic
  • Floor Tile Suggestions: Woodeffect - Woodchoice, Woodtale, Stone - Realstone Rain, Realstone Cardosa, Boom