Tile Leveling Kit

Cross leveling kits help you to achieve a perfect finish when tiling on any surface. This system ensures that each tile is level with surrounding tiles, eliminates settling from shrinkage, and minimises the possibility of warping, creating a lippage free surface. This system makes installing large format tiles easier and can significantly reduce installation time.

The clips interlock with the adhesive holding tiles together and prevents tiles from moving while drying. The wedges and clips are made from Polypropylene providing excellent tensile strength and hardness, optimising breakage when dry. Non-recycled Polypropylene is selected for its proven superior quality over standard recycled material.

This System Consists of:

  • Durable & reusable wedges
  • 100x 2mm clips
  • Heavy duty & reusable pliers

All Available in store:

  • Packs of 300 clips in 1mm, 2mm & 3mm
  • Levelling wedges 300 pack
  • 2500 piece bucket for either 1mm, 2mm or 3mm tile spacers

Installment Instruction

Step 1 – Apply the clip underneath the tile

Step 2 – Insert the wedge in the clip adjusting by hand

Step 3 – Regulate the position of the pliers and the pressure of application

Step 4 – Pressure the wedge until the tile is level (No need to squeeze excessively as the tile will level naturally when the wedge is inserted firmly

Step 5 – Allow the adhesive to dry

Step 6 – Break the clip sideway with the wedge still inserted by using a rubber hammer