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Benefits of Outdoor Tiles

Porcelain is becoming a more and more popular choice for use in outdoor spaces due to the numerous advantages that the material offers in terms of looks and durability.

In addition to our stocked range of outdoor tiles we also offer an extensive selection of outdoor tiles which are available to special order - ask in your local branch for details and lead time.



  • Porcelain allows for huge variety in designs, colours and patterning which expands the design options far beyond the scope of traditional materials
  • Matching indoor & outdoor tiles – tiles ranges typically feature an indoor and outdoor version which can look wonderful when used together to give a seamless appearance as your indoor space transitions to the outdoors. The outdoor version have a higher slip resistance rating.
  • Colour will not fade or dull over time
  • Tile sizes are very even and consistent which means joints can be slim for a contemporary look


  • R11 anti-slip rated
  • Porcelain is fired to very high temperatures, resulting in a very hard and dense material that is durable and hard wearing
  • Ease of Maintenance – Porcelain does not need to be sealed, will resist stains form everyday living and can be washed easily
  • Resists growth of moss – due to its impermeable nature moss will not adhere to the tile surface
  • Frost resistant & waterproof
  • Resists stains & scratches

Fitting Outdoor Tiles

As with indoor tiles it is important to plan and prepare the areas sufficiently and measure accurately.


Prepare the Surface

The surface which you are tiling must be cured, stable and level.

Curing - Concrete must be mature and fully cured which will be typically 6-8 weeks after installation in good drying conditions. Bonded sand cement screeds typically 4-6 weeks to cure.

Smoothing & Leveling - The surface may require smoothing and leveling to ensure it is adequately prepared for tiles to be fitted. Ardex K301 is designed for external smoothing, leveling or resurfacing of exterior concrete areas including damaged drives, paths, patios, and parking areas. Ardex K301 can be applied from 2 -20mm thick depending on the surface requirements. Gradients and falls must be installed to avoid water pooling on the surface of the tiles.

Primer - Ardex P51 primer is a concentrated water based primer and bonding agent - this is recommended to improve the bond between the adhesive and the substrate.

Adhesive - BAL Pourable One is a rapid setting flexible adhesive which is suitable for most large tile types for both interior and exterior use. It can be used for a 2- 25mm bed depth so is suitable for use to level uneven surfaces. The installation will be suitable to grout after 3 hours. The gaps between the tiles must be filled with a cement based grout such as BAL cement based grout. Expansion joints are required and we would suggest Mortec Soft Joint, an elastic, neutral curing silicon based cement like joint filler.


Raised Pedestal System

Terra Maxx Pedestal System has pre-assembled pedestals which  enable quick and easy laying of tiles on exterior surfaces. Water runs between the tile joints and gullies can be hidden in the cavity between the tile covering and the substrate. The tiles can be lifted and the surface underneath can remain accessible.

- Height adjustable without tools by 9% to create fall

- High pressure load up to 600kg

- Pre-manufactured and ready for immediate use


In addition to our stocked range of tiles we also offer an extensive selection of outdoor tiles which are available to special order - ask in your local branch for details and lead time or make an enquiry below.

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