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Descale your Shower Head

It is important to remove limescale from your overhead shower, hand shower or side shower so that it always looks as shiny as it did on day one in addition limescale deposits in the shower head block the jets and allow water to spray around in all  directions. This is especially important in areas of Ireland where hard water is prevalent. Here are some tips on how to descale your shower correctly, quickly, gently and easily!


  • With many showers it is possible to removes lime scale deposits by rubbing the flexible silicone nubs
  • In many cases the shower heads can be removed from the hose or the shower arm and placed in a suitable cleaning agent for the time specified on the manufacturers' instructions. It is important to not lose any rubber washer that may be in the showerhead as this stops the water from leaking at the joint.
  • Fixed shower heads can be cleaned by securing a plastic bag with the cleaning agent over the shower head and leaving for the recommended time.
  • Use only mild detergent - see tips below.
  • A soft tooth brush can aid removal of any lingering limescale.
  • The process above can be repeated if necessary.
  • Ensure you rinse thoroughly to remove any trace of the cleaning agent and flush the shower head with fresh water.
  • Polish with a soft cloth to reveal the like new shine!


Use the correct cleaning products to avoid damage to your shower

Using the wrong cleaning methods and cleaning agents can result in damage to your shower head and can dull the finished surface.

  • Use a soft, clean cloth, but never abrasive agents such as sponge scourers or microfibre cloths.
  • Do not use any steam cleaners, since high temperatures can damage the shower.
  • Use only mild detergents, for example those that are citric acid-based.
  • Distilled white vinegar can be a cost effective cleaning agent - shower heads should only be submerged for 30 minutes.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acid, formic acid, chlorine bleach or acetic acid, as these can lead to significant damage. Cleaners containing phosphoric acid can only be used to a limited extent. Never mix cleaning agents!
  • Never spray cleaning agents directly onto showers, since spray mist can get into the shower and cause damage.
  • It’s best to spray the cleaning agent onto a soft cloth, and use this to wipe the surfaces.
  • Thoroughly rinse your showers with clean water after cleaning, and thoroughly flush the shower head through with water.

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