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Small Bathroom Design Considerations

Wall Mounted Toilet

A wall hung toilet option is a great choice when space is limited – it looks contemporary and minimalist, is easy to clean around and underneath and can be set at various heights. The concealed frame and cistern is slender and when paired with a short projection pan it will take up a minimal amount of space. Selecting a wall hung WC also means you can choose from our range of contemporary, sleek flush plates and choose one to match your style.

Wall hung toilet components include a pan, frame, concealed cistern and flush plate.


Bathroom Vanity Units

Storage is vital in a small bathroom to keep any clutter neatly hidden from view. Wall hung vanity units help to create the illusion of space and again make cleaning the bathroom floor so much easier. Slender cloakroom vanity units are also a super option for guest bathrooms due to their compact nature.


Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Combine storage with your essential bathroom mirror – in small bathrooms adequate storage will keep your room neat and tidy and a mirror cabinet is a great solution. Cabinets can also be recessed into the wall for a seamless space-saving solution.


Floating Wash Basins

Wall mounted wash basins are compact and functional and can look great particularly when paired with a statement tile.


Underfloor Heating

Tiled floors are excellent conductors for underfloor heating so this is an ideal option when space is limited in your bathroom as you do not need to allocate wall space to radiators. Electric undertile heating mats can be used in renovation situations.


Wet room

A wet room with shower panels can be easier to accommodate in a small bathroom than a traditional shower enclosure and it will also make the room appear larger.


Wall Niches

Niches or shelves built into the wall can provide excellent surface storage space while also looking sleek and minimalist. Integrated lighting can be a wonderful design feature.



Clever lighting can make all the difference to the look and feel of your bathroom and how well it meets your needs.



Tiles that have a busy patten or have a lot of grout lines can make a room appear less spacious so it is recommended that these are used in selected areas or zones or just the floor rather than for every wall. Traditionally lighter colours were suggested for small rooms as they reflect more light around the room however dark and moody tones can add depth to a room and looks amazing particularly when paired with clever lighting.


Ask the Experts

Ask the team in your local showroom for tips or bring along some photos and measurements and we will help you design a perfect small bathroom to make the most of the space you have.

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