Learn How To Measure Your Space Accurately For Tiles With Tubs & Tiles

Tips to Calculate your Tile Requirements

Tiles may have subtle variations in tone between batches - this is not a flaw but a characteristic of the firing process. These variations are almost imperceptable however when tiles are laid side by side this difference may be visible. For this reason we carefully select your tiles based on the quantity you need to ensure your tiles are from the same batch - this makes it very important to ensure your measurements are accurate.


Wall Tiles

Steps to calculate the area of your walls for tiles

  1. Measure the length of the wall area you want to tile
  2. Measure the height of the wall area you want to tile
  3. Calculate the area of the wall (Length x height)
  4. You will then need to measure the windows and doors separately and then subtract them from the total
  5. You can measure each wall separately and add these totals together
  6. This will give you the information to calculate the square metres of the space


  1. Measure the length and width of the walls
  2. Calculate the area of the floor (length x width)
  3. Awkward floors - break the room into sections and measure these separately then add the totals together

Border Tiles

Measure the perimeter of your room or the length of each wall you wish to tile with the border and then divide by the length of the border to calculate the number off tiles required.

It is important to allow for wastage caused by cutting etc. so always order an extra 10%, this will usually suffice for regular size tiles. However, you may need to allow up to 20% for larger sized tiles or for pattern matching - your tiler will advise you on the quantities required.

Tubs & Tiles staff are highly experienced in this area and will gladly advise and assist you with your measurements. Simply call one of our experienced sales staff for assistance or arrange an after hour’s appointment at any of our stores.

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