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Toilet Terminology Explained

Close Coupled Toilet

The pan and cistern are both visible and the cistern sits on the back of the toilet pan which stands on the floor. These are available in both a contemporary and traditional style.


Low Level and High Level

In this case the cistern is fitted to the wall and connected to the toilet pan by a length of chrome pipe. This style can be contemporary but is often seen in traditional bathrooms and the pipework is seen as a decorative feature.


Back to Wall Toilet

This means that the pipe at the back of the toilet is concealed by the toilet pan which fits close to the wall. A back to wall toilet can be either close coupled with the cistern mounted on top of the pan or it can be a back to wall pan with a concealed cistern.


Concealed Cistern 

A toilet pan with a concealed cistern will require a stud wall to conceal the cistern. It will also require a visible flush plate.


Wall Hung Toilet

A wall hung toilet requires a sturdy metal frame to hold the toilet up. This is concealed in a stud wall and includes a concealed cistern which is designed to be used with a visible flush plate.  Frames are height adjustable meaning the toilet can be installed at a comfortable height for the users which is ideal for taller people or those with restricted mobility. Wall hung bathroom ware has the added benefit in that cleaning the floor is considerably easier.

Space Saving or Short Projection Toilets

If space in your bathroom is limited ask about toilets which have a smaller projection to save space.


Comfort Height

Higher toilets can make them considerably easier to use for older people or those with limited mobility. These are often a good option to consider for future proofing your bathroom. Typicaly these are 4-5cm higher than standard toilets.


Dual Flush

Many toilets with a push button flush are designed with a dual flush functionality which allows for a flush option to reduce water use.


WC Unit

These are a unit which is designed to conceal the cistern and the pipework for a neat finish which is often designed to co-ordinate with other furniture in the bathroom or perform as a design feature in its own right. This does not require a stud as the unit sits flush with the wall.


Shower Toilets

A shower toilet provides the option of gentle cleansing with water. These are activated by remote control and can be set to the required temperature, strength, spray pattern and more. This is an option that is often used in lieu of a bidet.

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