Wet Room Design | Considerations When Building Your Wet Room

Considerations when choosing a wet room for your home

Wetrooms offer a lot of flexibility making it a popular choice in contemporary homes. They look great and can offers a lot of advantages and when installed correctly will last for years. You will need to consider your space, drain locations, windows and doors and the size of your room when making your decision.

Advantages of Wet Rooms

  • A wet room will contribute to the feeling of space in your bathroom
  • Wet rooms look great and can be a real feature in your bathroom
  • Access is easier to the shower area for those with reduced mobility as there is no step
  • A wet room is more durable and easy to clean and maintain
  • A different tile or mosaic can be used to define the shower area or if the same tile is used throughout the room it can look great particularly in a smaller bathroom

Important Considerations

It is essential that a wetroom is installed by an experienced professional to avoid any issues with water damage down the line.

  • Water-proofing or tanking – the walls and floors need to be treated to be water-proof before any tiling commences. The team at Tubs & Tiles can advise on the options available for your wet room
  • Water Drainage - A gradient needs to be created to ensure water flow to the drain.
  • Layout – the shower should be positioned to ensure the water is contained in the shower area to avoid any damage to other areas 
  • Tiles – Anti-slip tiles are essential in a wet area to reduce risk of slipping

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